Why Email Marketing should be an important part of your digital strategy?

I won’t offer up any names but a few days ago, I came across an email in my personal inbox from a key player in the Outdoor Industry, inviting me to attend one of their exciting events in the beautiful French Alps.
But what a surprise, when I opened it and I was welcomed by a mere ‘Dear all’!
What a disappointment! This company clearly made a mistake with this email as it failed at least one of its objectives: to be personalised.

I had in front of my eyes the proof that the use of emails in the outdoor sector is not as fully integrated in the marketing strategy as it should be.

“Email Marketing is the fastest, most flexible, cost-efficient, personalised and targeted communication medium in the world today”. This quote from the esteemed Peppers & Rogers Group sums it all up and shows the importance of emails in the digital world.

But let’s go a bit deeper!
Here are several points to show you why you must not take email marketing lightly for the benefit of your company:
• It delivers the highest ROI than any other internet marketing approach available.
• It is a great way to establish brand loyalty. It is a wonderful asset for one to one communication and helps developing long term relationships with your customers (Don’t make the mistake to use emails as a sales tool).
• It is measurable. You can learn from the metrics and use that information to change direction or make improvements.
• It is immediate and actionable. No other channel allows you to reach customers directly in such a short time.
• It is at the centre of your marketing automation. Coupled with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and lead generation tactics, you will gather details of your leads in your centralised marketing system, then you can tailor your emails and campaigns to people at all stages of the buying process. You can then focus on people that are ready to buy and in the meantime nurture the relationship by automating communication with people who are earlier in the sales cycle.

To sum up: Don’t forget that Email is a powerful marketing tool and should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy!

And you, what success have you had with your email marketing? I look forward to hearing your stories.